“PrepSuccess is a perfect resource for your athlete! Josh cares about young people, has tons of experience, and will help steer them in the right path! As a high school administrator, I highly recommend Josh!” – Nain Munoz, High School Principal


“The saying that actions speak louder than words, is very true when describing Josh Cordell, and his Prep Success Coach endeavor. Josh has been helping my daughter for several years with some of the pressures that come with an athletic and academic high school experience. Josh is a true beacon of positivity, and has a great ability to connect with kids, to help unload some of the burden that pile up. He also works to empower the kids to be the best that they can be with encouraging support. I would definitely recommend Josh to help navigate the middle and high school years.” – Jacquie Sebulsky

“Josh has magically and intently formed a bond with my daughter to reveal her inner and physical strengths, her goals, her capabilities and her confidence in aspects of her life that include sports, but not limited to that. He has developed an intuitive connection with her with shared interests unrelated to sports that helped build trust. In a short amount of time, his belief in her potential has made her show up both in practice and in games in a way I’ve never seen before. I hope to continue his mentorship and leadership role with her indefinitely while she learns to navigate her place in this world and how much she has to offer. Thank you Josh for knowing exactly what she needed and what I couldn’t reach. There can never be too many positive adults in a young person’s world that can influence the trajectory of where life can take them!” – Michelle Buzzas

“Josh was a great role model, coach and mentor for my son through high school tennis. Academics were not always an easy road to travel for us but tennis was a huge passion and Josh made sure that those two worlds came together. I know the things that he teaches these kids will be values that they carry with them long after high school, college and sports. Josh’s ability to help kids be their best selves; academically, physically, mentally and emotionally is easy to see when you look at his players, past and present. The look of admiration those kids (and parents) have when they look at Josh is priceless!” – Ronnie Harrelson

“Josh Cordell meets your athletes where they are, helping them find their strengths and then build on them. He has a very positive approach instilling sportsmanship, the importance of teamwork and being a good human being! My boys have been out of high school athletics for a few years and they still see him as a role model, coach and friend. It would not be an understatement to say that Joshes impact on my sons changed the course of their lives in the most positive way. They are better people for having been coached, mentored and befriended by him.” – Susan Hall

“Josh Cordell coached my son and helped him reach his athletic goals. Even more important to me, he helped him develop a winning attitude and encouraged perseverance and positivity as a way of life. Highly recommend!” – Suzanne Mickel

“Josh is a great mentor/coach for kids. With his years of coaching experience he knows how to communicate on their level and help them set and achieve their goals.” – Beau Crotwell

“Josh is an exceptional role model and a true blessing to our community. His passion for young people and sports combined with his uplifting message has proven invaluable to my son. He has thoroughly enjoyed Josh’s Captain’s Club meetings and the positive messages he leaves him with each time. In a world filled with negativity, Josh is the bright light kids need.” – Crystal Wonser Young

“Josh Cordell is like a father figure to me. During the 3 years I had with him as my tennis coach at Summit he helped me both on and off the court tremendously. Not only could he give me advice on how to better my game, but he also helped me through off court issues which was not his job. It just goes to show the type of guy Josh is. I don’t say it enough but thank you for everything you have done for me as a tennis player but also as a man.” – Dylan Warren

“Josh Cordell has helped guide me more than anyone could possibly ask for with getting through school, propelling my tennis career, and helping me excel as a person in everyday life. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach and person to have helped me get to where I am today.” – Carter Quigley

“Josh has given me vital tools to become a great leader on and off the field. He really cares about my future as an athlete and the man I become.” – Jakoby Moss

“Working with Josh Cordell has been very beneficial to me in my journey as an athlete. One of my favorite qualities about Josh is how he is always so enthusiastic about what is going on in my life. This encourages me to be the best I can be not only in my sport but also in my life. I love the different techniques and little things he has me think about and incorporate in my daily life as an athlete to improve one step at a time. Learning to know who Josh is as a person, I know he will be able help many more athletes in their walk to become the best athlete and person they can be!” – Matt Van Tassell

“Josh’s coaching and the environment he cultivated on the high school tennis team played a pivotal role in my success on the tennis court, academics, and my development to become the best version of myself.” – Liam Hall

“During my high school career Josh was an incredibly valuable Coach and Mentor in tennis and in developing successful choices that would create the important habits needed to achieve goals both in sports and education.” – Nick Rose

“As our high school tennis season was getting closer to league tournament time, I was looking for a spark to keep my players focused and motivated the last couple of weeks. I contacted Josh and he came up to our practice the next day. He gave a short but meaningful motivational speech to both our boys and girls teams. The boys talked about it the rest of the season! I used cues from his speech to keep my players focused during tournament time. It was very helpful in our team’s success at the end of the season. His experience, expertise, and demeanor are top notch! I highly recommend Josh come talk to your team.” – Jon Hiatt, Hood River Valley Boys Tennis Coach

“Josh is all that is right about the coaching profession. As a fellow coach who has competed against him for years, I have always admired his ability to motivate his athletes beyond the scoreboard or the wins and losses. His ability to connect with both beginners and high achievers sets him apart from many of today’s coaches. Josh will help any athlete to determine their goals and then work to reach them.” – Grant Ludwick

“I have had the privilege of working with Josh and watching how he interacts and molds young athletes into stronger, happier individuals. Josh is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of sports psych and is sensitive to each and every athlete he works with. In the years to come, I think the mental aspect of sports is going to come to the forefront. By working with Josh, you are setting your child up for success on and off the field/court.” – Barb Sneckner

“Josh has a great perspective and understanding of youth sports and athletes will thrive under his tutelage. I highly recommend him working with your student athlete.” – Ryan Cruz

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