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Could your child use a growth spurt?

by Josh Cordell on November 14, 2017 No comments

Does your child have a growth mindset? “Growth Mindset” is the term coined by Carol Dweck, the author of the influential book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.¬†Dweck contrasts a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. Growth meaning that things can change, a person can improve upon something, i.e. “I can get better at this.” While a fixed mindset believes that things are just the way they are. I’ve found that many young people have a growth mindset in some areas, “sure, I could get better at free-throw shooting if I practiced more.” While having a fixed mindset in other areas, “I’m just no good at math, never have been, never will be.”

Starting with a growth mindset is key to anyone finding success in a given area. Believing that with the right coaching and hard work, you can improve, is foundational to making that improvement. Kids need to believe in themselves. Often that belief starts or is at least fostered by the influence of positive relationships with people who believe in them and can help them develop the tools and confidence to believe in themselves.

I’ve found that a great success pattern for a young person starts with GROWTH (I know what I want, I believe I can achieve it), followed by a GAME PLAN (Here is how you get there, these are the best practices), then the encouragement and accountability to GRIND (Actually doing the work required to meet the goal) and lastly achieving the desired outcome through GRIT (Sticking to it, overcoming obstacles along the way).

If you’d like to see your child have a growth spurt, get a hold of me and let’s talk about what a plan for them could look like.


Josh CordellCould your child use a growth spurt?

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