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How’s the 2018 game plan look?

by Josh Cordell on December 28, 2017 No comments

Does your child have a game plan for 2018?

As we approach the end of the year, ask yourself if your child could benefit from a coach/mentor relationship to help them set goals and come up with a game plan for 2018?

What do they want?
Are they on track to get it?
What is the plan to get it?

Here’s the approach I like to use when setting a Game Plan:
GROWTH – What do you want? Do you believe you can do it? Why do you want it?
GAME PLAN – SMART goals, based on best practices, deliberate practice, deep work and single tasking.
GRIND – Doing the work. What does a grinding look like for you? What daily habits can we add to reach your goals?
GRIT – Sticking to it. The grind only works when it becomes a habit. Overcoming obstacles and staying the course to reach your goals not just immediately, but longterm.

Let’s work together to form a game plan to help your child achieve their goals in 2018!

Get a hold of me and we can grab a coffee and talk about what a plan might look like!

Josh CordellHow’s the 2018 game plan look?

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