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Celebrate young athlete’s grit… not just their wins

by Josh Cordell on April 15, 2019 No comments

In sports we rightfully celebrate kids winning championships. They deserve the accolades after all the hard work they’ve put in and it’s an easy thing to recognize because the result, score or trophy tells us what they’ve accomplished.
What also needs to be celebrated among young people playing sports is resilience, grit, commitment and perseverance. These accomplishments are not as easily identified by those on the outside looking in. So if you are an insider (coach, teammate, parent, friend) it is up to you to praise these accomplishments. I work with so many athletes that have wanted to quit, but stuck with it or have been cut from a team, but came back to tryout again the next year. These are the kind of traits that are going to serve young people well for the rest of their lives.
Championships are awesome! When kids win them we are right to congratulate them. But don’t miss out on the opportunity to praise the efforts that go unnoticed by the outside world. You may be the only one who truly knows what that kid has gone through to get here… so it’s your responsibility to let them know how proud of them you are!

Josh CordellCelebrate young athlete’s grit… not just their wins

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