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The power of an additional positive voice

by Josh Cordell on February 14, 2020 No comments

When my kids (what I call my clients) have big breakthroughs and their parents ask me, “What did you tell them?” I often respond, “Probably the same thing you’ve been telling them, but it can take several voices before we actually hear things.”

I get to be an additional positive voice in the lives of many young people and I get to watch the amazing growth and success that comes from a person growing in confidence and positivity.

If you think that your child may benefit from an additional positive voice in their life, please reach out to me.

“Josh has magically and intently formed a bond with my daughter to reveal her inner and physical strengths, her goals, her capabilities and her confidence in aspects of her life that include sports, but not limited to that. He has developed an intuitive connection with her with shared interests unrelated to sports that helped build trust. In a short amount of time, his belief in her potential has made her show up both in practice and in games in a way I’ve never seen before. I hope to continue his mentorship and leadership role with her indefinitely while she learns to navigate her place in this world and how much she has to offer. Thank you Josh for knowing exactly what she needed and what I couldn’t reach. There can never be too many positive adults in a young person’s world that can influence the trajectory of where life can take them!” – Michelle Buzzas

Josh CordellThe power of an additional positive voice

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