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Ending your season on a loss

by Josh Cordell on June 6, 2017 No comments

Very few youth athletes get to end their season with an individual or team victory. The odds are that you’ll finish with a loss. It’s important to help young athletes with their big picture perspective after a tough season-ending loss. So what can you say to them to help with their perspective?

Here’s three ideas:
1, Losing doesn’t make you a “loser.” Being brave enough to compete means you in fact are not a loser.
2, Defeat can be used as fuel to propel you to future victories.
3, An entire season/year/career should not be judged on a single outcome. Focus on the process and overall experience, not a final outcome/score.

We all face setbacks, failures, losses and disappointments in life. These obstacles can be incredible learning experiences if we are willing to allow them to be and especially if we have someone there to help us see them that way!

This is a great opportunity to connect with your child. Look them in the eyes and say something to the effect of “I know this hurts and it’s OK to be emotional about it. I’m so proud of you for how much this means to you and I just love watching you compete.”

Make the most of this opportunity and help your child to learn that defeat is an important part of life.

Josh CordellEnding your season on a loss

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