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Setting your intentions before practice or a game

by Josh Cordell on December 1, 2017 No comments

Learn to set your intentions before practice and games, it is a powerful habit. This helps you to keep from just “going through the motions.” Take just a few seconds and decide what are they going to focus improving upon in practice today, what words are you going to use to motivate yourself and what kind of influence/energy/attitude do you want to bring to the group. Doing this before hand allows you to be more intentional about the time spent in practice or on game day.

This is a huge help if you are a slow starter, because it allows you to get your mindset and focus going before the whistle blows.

When you’ve set your intentions, it gives you something to go back to when your focus starts to wonder.

Some Examples:
• I’m going to focus on staying low in my stance today.
• I’m going to be in on every loose ball today.
• I’m going to bring a fierce competitive attitude today.
• I’m going to point out when my teammates make unselfish plays.

Josh CordellSetting your intentions before practice or a game

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