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Things Kids Are Telling Me Right Now.

by Josh Cordell on August 5, 2021 No comments

Things Kids Are Telling Me Right Now.

A free event, open to the public. Wednesday, August 11th 7-8pm @ Westside Church in Bend.
2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend

I’ve noticed some very interesting trends and common feelings in the past year from the young people I mentor. This talk is a collection of what they’ve been saying.

About Josh Cordell.
Founder of Prep Success Coach, Josh coaches and mentors young people, ranging from elementary school through college.
The former boys tennis coach at Summit high school in Bend (17 years) he learned what it takes for young people to be successful and what pitfalls can get in the way. He also saw that kids lacked the opportunity to talk to a coach in a deep, meaningful way on a regular basis, simply because it’s too hard for even the best coaches to find the time to have long regular conversations with kids throughout the year.
Josh meets with as many as 30 kids one-on-one in a week. They tak about goal setting, what’s working and what’s not. They build trust and open communication.
This talk is the product of those conversations.

(Childcare provided)

Josh CordellThings Kids Are Telling Me Right Now.

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