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What are SMART Goals?

by Josh Cordell on July 3, 2017 No comments

It is important for young athletes to set SMART goals because this is often the difference between goals and dreams. Dreams are important, but dreams don’t typically have a timeline and action plan tied to them. Smart goals do!


1. Specific
A vague goal is not a good goal. If it’s a sports goal, be very specific. Basketball, I want to be able to finish at the rim with my left hand. Tennis, I want to have a reliable kick serve. Soccer, I want to improve my speed with the ball.

2. Measurable
If it’s measurable, you track your progress and determine when you have in fact reached the goal.

3. Achievable
Is this a realistic goal? Truly, only you can decide that, but it sure helps to have some input from others who care and help you to set goals that in fact achievable, otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.

4. Relevant
Does this goal matter to you? Is it something you want and something that’ll help you?

5. Time-bound
When is this going to happen? Where will I be on this goal in one week, one month, six months… What am I doing about it today?

Josh CordellWhat are SMART Goals?

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