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July first is New Year’s day for kids

by Josh Cordell on June 24, 2019 No comments

Sure, January 1st marks the beginning of the calendar year, but the first day of the “kid year” is July 1st.

With last school year officially behind us, July 1st, 2019 is the perfect day to mark the start of the 2019-2020 year for your child. This doesn’t mean that they need to get into school mode right now, quite the opposite in fact. They need to be in fun, relaxing, making memories, setting goals, self discovery mode. But that doesn’t necessarily just happen… they have to do it on purpose!

Some things to do in July & August before Schools starts:
• Downtime hanging out with friends.
• Downtime hanging out with family.
• Organized time with family (traveling or hiking).
• No parents or coaches – playing sports with friends.
• Reading a book of their choosing.
• Phone and technology free times (in nature is a great place to make this happen).

Here are some great things to do for the upcoming year.

Review last year:
• What were the successes?
• What were the failures? (Yes, it’s good to have and talk about the areas we fail in)
• What do you want to keep doing?
• What do you want to stop doing?

Plan for next year:
SMART goals.
• What would you like to add to your life? (Revisit stop doing and keep doing from last year)
• Who do you want to be this year?

Josh CordellJuly first is New Year’s day for kids

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