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Coaches, make sure your players are having fun

by Josh Cordell on June 29, 2019 1 comment

Coaches, make sure your athletes are having fun. If they are having fun, they’ll want to come back for more. If they keep coming back for more, they have the potential to be as good as they could possibly be. If they are not having fun, they’ll find something else that is fun. It’s that simple.

Many kids quit a sport or activity because of the simple reason, “It wasn’t fun any more.” This means if you want to have success as a coach you need to have at least three fun game plans.

Fun today – How do I make today fun for my players? The first step is to find out what your team enjoys. Every team is different. Find something that your team enjoys that is fun, competitive and productive and end your practice with that activity/drill/game. The goal for every practice should be that your players want to come back tomorrow.

Fun this season – How do I make this season fun for our team? What can we do this season that make kids say, “That was a really fun season!”? It may be something off the field or court. It may be a water ballon fight on a hot day. It may be a team dinner and activity. It may be traveling to an event/game/tournament. Be sure that fun is worked into your season goals/plans.

Fun forever – How do I make my program a fun program? What are the things that kids say, “I love when we/you do this, it’s so fun!”? If something comes to mind, make it a habit. If nothing comes to mind, you may need to add some new things to your program.

The bottom line is that sports should be fun. For for the athletes, fun for the coaches, fun for the parents. Find a way to make it fun and everyone is going to want to comeback for more. If they keep coming back for more… you have the opportunity to be very good!

Josh CordellCoaches, make sure your players are having fun

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  • Chad Cheeney - June 29, 2019 reply

    Couldnt agree more. Not an easy task for us Coaches, but a must do. Make it FUN!

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